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We go beyond fad and popular diets. We are evidence based, and can help separate fact from fiction, in order to make sustainable changes to help you succeed long term.


what we can help with:

mental health + energy + memory + skin issues + digestion + food sensitivities
inflammation + Hormone balance + Immune system function + sleep issues
stress management + sports nutrition

personal meals plans, nutrition.

a personal plan just for you

Learning about others experience’s can be interesting, but what worked for someone else may not work for YOU. We consider everything about you, and then design a plan around you, that fits your needs based on your unique biophysical makeup and lifestyle. This allows you to receive personalized consulting rather than blanket-approach nutrition advice from internet articles, diet books, or nutrition trends.


we can spot nutritional deficiencies

It can be difficult to tell on your own if you are eating a nutritionally balanced diet. Working with us can help you uncover what you may be lacking, as you could be missing some minor nutrients in your diet that can make a major impact on the way you feel. We can uncover these nutritional deficiencies and help you correct them with the goal of leaving you feeling your best.


Say 'Hello' to Wellness


Free Discovery Call

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Want to know how seeing a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant can change your health, and your life?

Book your appointment now for your free 15 minute discovery call, and see how I can help you achieve your health goals!



Hello Wellness Package


custom created recipes


safe supplementation


unlimited online support


Say Hello to Wellness with this 3 month package.

For anyone wanting to learn how to nourish their bodies unique needs, create long term habits and make a significant change in their life.


  • An in-depth, 60 minute initial consultation,

  • 2 monthly follow-up consultations,

  • Weekly goal setting to make sticking to your nutrition plan easy and enjoyable!

    After each consultation you will receive a detailed monthly plan, including recipes, safe supplementation, diet and lifestyle recommendations, specific for your health goals and individual needs. Click here for more information on what to expect during this 3 month program.

3 month plan | $400 |  1 appointment per month + weekly goal setting


Keep Wellness Going

Follow up Session | $100 | 45 minute session

  • Re-assessment of current or new concerns

  • Recommendation’s with ongoing support

  • Safe supplementation and personalized recipes

   Follow-up appointment can range from monthly to quarterly, to an annual check-up as needed.